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Workers Compensation Shop.com

Workers Compensation Shop.com

Workers Compensation Shop.com

3809 South Providence Road

Columbia, MO  65203

573-445-9539  Phone

888-611-7467  Toll-Free

888-583-3110  Fax

Workers Compensation Shop.com is the premier website for fast and affordable workers compensation quotes across the country.  Licensed in every state, we have helped over 25,000 employers find workers compensation insurance with lower rates than our competitors.

Workers Compensation Shop.com has developed unique programs for most industries.  We offer the most flexaible payment terms such as zero deposit, Pay As You Go workers comp, monthly reporting, and equal installment programs.  We offer access to state specific information inlcuding workers compensation class codes, forms, and rules.

Our agency has more insurance comapany appointments than most other insurance agencies because we specialize in workers compensation and because our premium volume enables us to meet minimum production requirments for more carriers than most state and regional insurance agencies.  More choices means we have the best opportunity to find affordable coverage from a company for most types of businesses.

Our Motto:  We shop workers compensation insurance so you don't have to.







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