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Workers Compensation Brokers.com


Workers Compensation Brokers.com

3809 South Providence Road

Columbia, MO  65203

888-611-7467  Toll-Free

888-583-3110  Fax

Workers Compensation Brokers.com is our website exclusively for workers compensation agents and brokers.  We help agents write workers compensation insurance for their customers.  Many agents choose Workers Compensation Brokers because of our fast quote process.  Others appreciate our ability to shop coverage and find the lowest rates for workers compensation insurance.

Workers Compensation Brokers.com works with agents in most states throughout the United States.  We quote coverage in all 46 non monopolistic states.  We specialize in workers compensation insurance and have access to more markets than most state and regional wholesales.

Agents looking for new workers compensation markets and programs will benefit from contracting with our agency.  We offer a commission share program that enables us to pay commission to licensed property and casualty agents.

Our Motto:  Lower workers compensation rates for brokers and agents.







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Last updated: February, 2012





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