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Rockwater Properties, LLC


Rockwater Properties, LLC

3809 South Providence Road

Columbia, MO  65203

Rockwater Properties, LLC is my holding company for residential and commercial property in and around Columbia, MO.  It's purpose is to provide personal liability protection to me by separating properties I own from my personal assets.

Years ago I ordered the infamous Carlton Sheets real estate program and thought I would become a real estate mogul in the residential marketplace.  After buying a few properties, I quickly decided that real estate was not the direction I wanted to head.  I did learn that I preferred to own property and create passive income as opposed to renting property and building wealth for someone else.

So hopefully when we outgrow the buildings I own now, we can buy a new bigger building and lease the buildings we use now.  Sounds like a retirement plan to me...

Our Motto:  Why rent when you can build equity through ownership.







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Last updated: February, 2012





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