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I started my insurance agency, The Insurance Shop, LLC, in 2005.  Originally the agency specialized in workers' compensation insurance and offered our proprietary Pay As You Go work Comp programs to various payroll bureaus throughout the United States.  The idea was simple and there was a need in the marketplace for a back-office Pay As You Go insurance product designed to reduce policy down payments and improve business owner cash flow.  As the agency matured, we expanded our products to include all lines of insurance coverage, but continued to specialize in commercial business insurance.  We started selling our insurance solutions directly to business owners and started a division to serve other agents and agencies in 2006.  Today the Insurance Shop still specializes in commercial insurance and we are licensed to sell insurance in every state throughout the U.S.  We operate several insurance related websites related to our niche products such as general liability, workers compensation, health insurance, and other property and casualty products.

In 2008, I started Rockwater Insurance, LLC.  Rockwater Insurance is an offshore workers' compensation captive insurance company with various fronting relationships through Patriot Underwriters and Guarantee Insurance Company.  Our captive provides us with additional unique product lines and risk sharing arrangements for workers compensation coverage.  Our commercial property is owned by out holding company, Rockwater Properties, LLC.

Feel free to learn more about my companies and websites by following the name links on the left side below:

The Insurance Shop, LLC

The Insurance Shop, LLC

Workers Compensation Shop.com

Workers Compensation Insurance

General Liability Shop.com

General Liability Insurance

Missouri Health Insurance Quotes.com

Missouri Health Insurance Quotes

PEO Shop.com

General Liability Insurance

Workers Compensation Brokers.com

Workers Compensation Brokers 

Business Insurance Shop.com 

Business Insurance Shop 

Payroll Comp.com 

Payroll Comp 

PEO Comp.com 

PEO Comp 


Missouri PEO Broker 

Insurance Safety Services

General Liability Insurance

Rockwater Insurance, LLC

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Rockwater Properties, LLC

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